A colored
and alternative

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A colored
and alternative

Since 2005 Doubleice has been revolutionizing the concept of reading glasses, which normally feature standardized disignes, by transforming them into accessories that are not just functional but beautiful and fashionable as well. This innovative idea is carried forward by a female team whose members have inherited theri family’s tradition of expertise and professionality dating back to the 1950s.

Eyeglasses for eveyone where design and fashion combine with good taste in a perfect balance between qualily, extravagance and elegance. Inspired, different, flamboyant, classy, fashionable, but also functional. A colorful revolution for those seeking a perfect match with their outfits or, why not, with the mood of the day.

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The luxury to change shapes

Enjoy Collection.
A Unique
and original style.

An eccentric vintage-inspired mix typical of the pop scene of the sixties, and futurist designs characterize the bold, colorful shapes of the new Enjoy your Eyes collection. A unique, fun style, starring ever-changing colors. Colors is what you did yesterday, Color is what you’re wearing today. Color is the journey you will make tomorrow.

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Double Care.
Quality and innovation
always on trend.

An unique style and a technology reasearch blend into the Double Care Collection. The frames are colored and light, in order to ensure the best confort.
The reading glasses follow the fashion tendences, becoming a style icon.
Wearing a pair of glasses has never been so easy!

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Kids Collection.
Protect the eyes of our children is a child's play.

This collection was born to protect the eyes of the children from the UV ray. The sunglasses are colored, light, confortable and they ensure the maximun protection, safety and confort.
Very funny models for little girls and little boys who love to dress up like mum and dad.
A way to teach them to take care of their eyes.

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